Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time to Get the Campaign Rolling Again!

My dear friends and supporters -- After taking the summer off to recover from trouble brought on by some meddlesome doctors (and also to allow my competitors time to thoroughly beat up on themselves) I am back. The VOTE FOR BART campaign is moving forward. Interestingly, my absence over the summer does not seem to have had much of an impact. In fact, I wonder if my competitors, Gov. Romney and Pres. Obama, had taken a break like I did, would the voters not be in a better mood with the election approaching? The answer to that question is so obvious that I won't even bother to answer.

However, facts are facts (except of course when they're not). What I mean to say is that the race is still wide open, and you–the faithful who have continued to support my campaign, even when I had given up on it myself–are the ones who will decide the outcome of this race.

Amazingly, the latest poll numbers look good. In the key swing voter towns of Avoca, Iowa and Pine Bush, New York the election is close: Obama 22%, Romney 22%, Pat Paulsen 22%, Ross Perot 22%, George McGovern 22%, undecided 22%, and Bart 0.22%.

At first, we were rather disappointed in these poll numbers because we were pretty sure that Pat Paulsen was dead and that George McGovern was pretty close to dead as well. It didn't seem quite fair that they had as many 2's in their poll numbers as we did. However, after looking more closely at the overall picture, it seems obvious that our supporters are reluctant to "tip their hand" to the pollsters. They are, as we have suspected for some time, waiting to cast their ballot in November rather than become party to the pre-election guessing game that entangles so many campaigns. Besides, if the voters are really that anxious to cast their ballot for a dead or nearly dead person, why then I'm their man. Just ask anyone who has had to sit next to me in one of our university committee meetings. I can compete with the best of the really dead ones.

So, get out there and put up those lawn signs. Help get the word out that the VOTE FOR BART campaign is headed for victory in November...particularly if I can remember to get my absentee ballot request in.

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