Sunday, July 3, 2011

Campaign Fundraising -- The race is on!

Okay, so some of you may have seen the report today on presidential campaign fund raising and wondered why the "Vote for Bart" campaign was not mentioned. We want to assure you that this is nothing to worry about, but all part of our long-term plan for election day success. We are definitely still in the race...and still certain that the masses will soon grab hold of our message of hope, courage, and politically correct distribution of named places (if you missed it, go to the archive and read my earlier blog on this important issue).

Just to fill you in on where we stand with funds, the news media this morning reported that Republican frontrunner, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, pocketed $20 million in campaign donations during the last quarter. His challengers: former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty pulled in $4.2 million (I'm betting plenty that Pawlenty is plenty happy about being out of the governor's office in Minnesota this week after the plentiful troubles they've been having there); former Utah governor John Huntsman raised $4.1 million; and Professor Bart, not a former governor, pulled $2.86 out from between the couch cushions.

So, to sum up...except for the "Vote for Bart" campaign, which has already surpassed all of its fundraising goals for the entire campaign, all the others were somewhat disappointed. A look back to this quarter in 2007 shows that the three top fundraisers in the Republican party pulled in $53 million, about $25 million more than they have this year. They area in big trouble. And it is obvious that the cause of this large drop in funds for my challengers is because so many around the country are turning to our message...our campaign. The liberal media, of course, are trying to tie this drop in fundraising to the economy, but we (and you, my stalwart supporters, of course) know better. It has nothing to do with the economy. It has everything to do with our message.

So, keep those donations rolling in. We are going to need every penny. In fact, I think I'll go have another look in the couch.

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jill said...

Professor, I think I left a few coins in your couch last time I visited. I'd like to think I am supporting your campaign!