Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vote for Bart - The Campaign Heats Up!

I am certain that most of you caught my performance at the recent South Evangilina presidential debate. It was another instance of the liberal and conservative media trying to twist everything I said into bigotry and lies. For those of you who may have missed the debate, I have asked my staff to provide you with a few essential excerpts here that show you the despicable, deplorable, downright dirty tactics taken by the media. It started right with the first question of the debate, which was directed at me.

Moderator: Professor, is has been reported in the news today that you have been married to the same woman for over 32 years? Would you care to respond to this claim.

Professor: No...but I will. I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic such as that! I think the destructive, vicious, dog-eat-dog, dirty, negative, under-the-table, horrific, muck-raking nature of most of the media makes it harder to...what? [a member of the Professor's staff has just slipped him a note] Oh, excuse me, I think my cue cards got mixed up. Ah, here we are. Yes, yes it's true...I have been married to the same woman for over 32 years. Something I am very proud of. This is definitive, complete, and positive proof that I am a man of family values, of moral dimension, and that I am deeply involved in the human conversation. How can anyone be married for over 32 years and not be deeply involved in the human conversation.

Moderator: Thank you Professor. As a follow up question -- It has also been reported by your wife of 32 years on a competing network that you regularly wash dishes, iron your own shirts, and make your own lunch. Would you care to respond to these allegations?Professor: No...but I will. I am disgusted that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic such as this! Oh, excuse me, I think I said that already. Ah, we are. The media continues to make it harder and harder to keep our private lives under the, wait a minute...that didn't sound right. What I mean to say is that they make it harder to be a governor, and I intend to be a great governor when I am elected president! What? No, I'm not running for Governor...I'm running for president. But listen here take a wife of 32 years and make things like this an issue in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as I can imagine. Although I do think that the movie "Despicable Me" came pretty close to what I would imagine. And it is true that I do not have a very good imagination. Nonetheless, this is utterly despicable!

Moderator: As you know Professor, this was not something that came from my own network, but it is something that has been reported on the campaign. I get your point. I want to assure you that I get your point.Professor: was reported and repeated on your network. You chose to start this debate with it. Don't you dare try to pass this off onto someone else. You are in bed with the rest of the media and I am not going to tolerate this kind of behavior in a presidential debate where we should be talking about the economy, world peace, and family values. You and all the rest of the media keep throwing up this smokescreen of nonsense and sensationalizing the trivial details of our personal lives, all the while ignoring the true issue of who is the fittest among the contenders to lead the country. The fittest is obviously me. Me! It should be obvious to everyone. I am an angry, anti-establishment, non-insider insider who knows more about the workings of Washington than any of my establishment, insider opponents. I have never dirtied my hands in the cesspool of capitalism! I have never trampled over the rights of the common working class. No! I am just a "Regular Joe" like all of these great people here in South Evangilina, who don't care in the least if there are some blemishes on my personal life like fixing my own lunches. What they care about are issues, real issues. Issues like who should be allowed to move into their neighborhoods and which president has had the most counties names after him. These are issues I can fix if given your vote. So, let's get on with the debate and then elect a president who is neither a slimy amphibian nor an implement for catching baseballs. Elect me!


Anonymous said...

Seriously - let's get your name on the ballot! jill

Sheri Kowallis said...

Hee Hee :) Go Bart!

Karen said...

I just found my right in candidate! Anony will vote for you too. I wonder if it's too late to find a gambling billionaire to give you enough money to go out to lunch so we can put this issue behind you?

Urthman said...

Thank you all. I will, of course be hitting you up for a campaign donation.